All the strawberry shakes I've tried sorted by goodness!

  1. Shake Shack - Almost too thick but great flavor
  2. Which Which - Good all around
  3. Five Guys - Good all around
  4. Whataburger - Huge cup (good value), good thickness, slight syrup taste but still pretty good
  5. Potbelly's - Weak strawberry taste, good thickness
  6. Portillos - Too thin, good size strawberry chunks, good flavor (not too sweet)
  7. Just Burgers - Decent taste, too thin
  8. Dick's Drive-In - Weak strawberry taste, too thin
  9. Pappy's sweet shop (Purdue campus) - Very good, not enough strawberry taste, a little too syrup-ey
  10. Blue plate diner - Not as much of a strawberry taste but pretty good
  11. Culver's
  12. In n out
  13. Burger king - water-ey (need to try again)
  14. Monks - very syrup
  15. Hubbard Street Diner - no strawberry taste
  16. McDonalds - syrup and fake